Refinance Your Existing Loan

Consolidate Debt

At Acceptance Capital, we are focused on your financial stability. We will help you restructure your debt and put you in 
control of your finances. Our specialists will show you how to reduce monthly payments, save on interest payments, or 
become debt free sooner than you ever thought possible. Give us a call or fill out the short form for your FREE DEBT 

· End the debt cycle TODAY

· Simplify your life with one low payment

· Turn credit card debt into tax deductible interest*

· Close fast and get a great rate!

*consult your tax advisor

We have a wide variety of products to meet your refinancing needs. Whether you are looking to reduce your monthly payment, get out of an adjustable rate, or use the equity that you have built-up in your home, we have the program for your situation. 

Convert an Adjustable Rate to Fixed If you plan to stay in your home beyond your rate adjustment, now is a great time to convert your adjustable rate loan to a fixed rate. Rates are at all-time lows and many experts believe that interest rates could climb substantially in the near future.

If your loan is already in the adjustment phase, don’t get too comfortable with today’s low rates. It’s almost certain that your payment will start to increase in the near future. By that time your options to get into a fixed rate may have become much worse.

Our staff is ready to assist with any questions you have about your current adjustable rate so you can determine if now is the right time to GET FIXED. Give us a call today!


Reduce Your Payment Chances are if you haven’t checked into getting a lower payment in a while, you have some great options to get your rate down and SAVE MONEY. Give us a call so we can take a look at the whole picture and help you understand your options to get a lower rate.

During the recent slump, many people have seen their home values decline and think that they can’t benefit from today’s low rates. 
Acceptance Capital has programs that can help you if your property is worth less than you paid EVEN IF YOU OWE MORE THAN IT’S WORTH!!!

Give us a call so we can look at all your options and pick the loan that is right for you and your future. There’s nothing we love more 
than to save our customers money!

Get Cash
Need cash? You can use your equity for any purpose. If you have equity in your home and are interested in learning about your 
options, then give us a call or fill out the quick form to the right and an Acceptance Capital 

· Pay off high-interest debt

· Consolidate your bills into one easy payment

· Mortgage interest is usually tax deductible*

· Use your cash for anything you want!


Refinance Your Existing Loan

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